Divya Spandana (Ramya), Actor

I've known Chris since guitars have had six strings! Everybody else reading this would think-wow that’s a really long time. It is, but Chris and I alone know exactly what that means. Right Chris? Chris as a musician is extremely talented, I have heard some of his talent and it’s a little wonder why not many people take to it. It’s because only a few who really understand music can appreciate what he does and that is sad because there are very few who do. Thank you for helping me realize that I did have a set of vocal chords! I never ever imagined I would be singing the national anthem in a stadium in front of thousands of people with that voice of mine, had it not been for you.

Chris has a great studio, not just for recording and finding out if you have vocal chords, but also a great friend and lots of laughter!!

Melodee Austin, RJ

I have known this insanely talented mad man for the last 11 years. I first met Chris when we joined Fever 104fm together and we have been friends ever since. It’s his infectious smile and conversations that make one want to either work with him or hang out with him. I have had the wonderful privilege of working with him as a Voice over artist and it’s always a pleasure to work with him as there are no fusses and delays and that’s what is one of the most important rules of recording and Chris being an artist himself respects that of every other artist and I respect him for that. God bless you Chris, you are a boon to the entertainment Industry! Rock On!

Rukshar Mir, Actor

So somewhere around end of last year, I thought of recording one song in a studio since I always loved singing, and wanted to know how the experience would be. I googled studios and the Christortion studio was the first that showed up. I landed up on the day of my recording and met Chris. The studio was beautiful, had the perfect feel and the highlight, Chris, was super enthusiastic and energetic that made me boost my energy to sing as well. Encouraging and patient as ever. He brought out the best in my voice for a first timer. It was a great experience and I'll surely cherish it forever. Great set up with all amazing and latest recording equipment, and more than that Chris understands the quality of your voice and works on it accordingly, which I feel is very important.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first studio recording. Thank you Chris!! Keep it up Christortion!!

Shashank Putushottam, TV and theater actor

I have collaborated with Chris and his studio in a variety of projects over the last decade. In addition to being a true professional, he consistently brings energy, flexibility and (most importantly) a lot of humor to every job he does.

Sharanya Shetty, Headmistress VNS Junior School

Christopher Avinash produced and directed “The Flowering Tree” an original musical for Vidyaniketan Junior School. The production was fabulous with 400 children as part of the show. His attention to detail and management of children is worth mentioning. It was a pleasure to work alongside him in the production.

Clince Varghese, MC, Voice artist & Vocalist

It was super fun recording at the Studio. Other than the big machinery investments, Chris invested his time faithfully & helped me dynamically too to record the V/O for the Times Sports Icon Awards.

Gabriel Daniel, Singer Songwriter

One of the first things that I really started to dig was the vibe of the studio. Eventually, seemed like an extension of Chris' demeanor; comfortable, honest, and very welcoming. And his experience as a musician and an engineer shows greatly in his work and contribution to one's content.

Prashanth Kumar Nair, Playwright, Actor & Director

I have known Chris Avinash & Christortion for the past 5 years. What started as a professional collaboration in his studio for a year-long voiceover project, evolved into creating interesting plays & ideas for live performance storytelling. Chris was one of the biggest drivers of the sound and energy in Romeo & Juliet - No Strings Attached, a play that toured extensively and is known for its irreverence, both in tone & in tune. He is a livewire performer & Christortion, the studio, is as welcoming, energetic & versatile as he is. I have seen musical projects evolve & be so much more, at the studio. More power to Chris Avinash & Christortion!

Satya Prasad, Singer

Anything apart from heavy surroundings , bottom line required is perfect quality, flexibility, adaptability and peace of mind to work. This is what you get at Christortion. Freshers who want vocal session recordings - this is the right place you will get technical and vocal guidance for a perfect rendition. 100% Satisfaction :)

Gayathri Chandrashekar, Artistic Director, Nrutya School of Arts

Christortion studio is my one-stop-shop for any kind of video to audio conversion. In addition to restoration and re-mastering audio that is intended for future performances, Avinash has a ear for musical nuances like time signatures(thalam) and key signature (shruthi). This makes sorting and stitching audio files that lack video continuity very easy. Professional recording and over dubbing at this studio is also the best I have experienced to date.